The whole world is hidden in the details. Tear from one location to the next and you will miss it entirely. Don’t just stop to smell the roses, linger long enough to touch the petals, trace the veins on the leaves and register the shading of the colour.
When you rush into yet another airport, stop scratching in your bag for your documents. Pause long enough to feel the cool air pouring down the corridor, look out over the concrete expanse of the parking area and note the faces of the ground staff stationed along the walkway.
Walk slowly into the fancy restaurant, let your eyes absorb the colourful murals, greet the waiter by name and spend time with the carefully prepared menu. Smell the flowers on the table, select your wine with anticipation and excitement.
Try to “paint” or “sketch” the people and things you encounter in your head so that you may refer to them for years to come. A hasty snapshot or selfie is no replacement for a complete  immersion in the vigour of the moment. Take everything in as if it is your last day on earth!


Inspired by life and Alain De Botton; The Art of Travel