Sending up a few thought balloons on the above subjects…
Security…how we long for it! We look for it in all kinds of places. Some places are appropriate, others not.
We turn our homes into fortresses, sometimes with devastating results! We demand security from our partners, placing an intolerable burden on them. We expect guaranteed financial security from our investment advisors. We are attracted to churches that offer spiritual security, some used to call it “pie in the sky when you die”.

Certainty…a close cousin to security. We want certainty at all costs! We expect our loved ones to provide complete certainty with regard to their feelings for us; the intensity of our relationships must never change. We put enormous pressure on medical doctors to explain every aspect of our illness and give us every assurance of a good outcome. We will not pursue our dreams because there is no certainty regarding the hoped for outcome.

Decisions, decisions…how hard it is to make decisions! It is much easier to vacillate, procrastinate and stay the same. We are frightened by the vast number of choices, mutations, options, alternatives. We become confused and we are either frozen by indecision and anxiety, or overcome by the vast complexity of life. We fail to grasp that the making of a decision will bring calm to our troubled minds.

In the hierarchy of needs, safety and security are near the bottom. In other words it is a very basic part of being alive. Once we have discovered a degree of realistic security, we can cope better with the demands of life and we can move forward to address our other more sophisticated needs.