After listening to yet another couple go hammer and tongs at each other in my rooms, I am about to pull my hair out!
Love…what’s that got to do with it! Of course they all confess their undying love for each other, they just can’t like each other or live with each other! Can’t live together, can’t live apart. They need the adrenalin rush that comes from abusing each other! They have the bull be the udder! They cannot grasp that marriage has nothing to do with falling in love or with maintaining an on-going ethos of romanticism.

It’s hard bloody work! It’s about learning to communicate in a clear, unambiguous, congruent, open, honest manner.
Think well before you speak, you obviously cannot retract your ill advised, hastily spoken words. Learn to phrase your thoughts and feelings carefully. Express them at an appropriate time and place. Ask for feedback and give feedback. Be willing to rephrase comments in a more palatable form. Above all, listen to each other intently.
Listen to the meaning as well as the words. Be attentive, focus fully on your partner thus showing your willingness to understand.

Stop all bad behavior! Stop attacking, stop blaming, stop all hair trigger reactions, stop accusing, stop shouting. Take responsibility where it is appropriate. Apologise where appropriate. Forgive and forget past hurts. Move on, do not keep digging up the past. Start a new way of interacting based on mutual respect, compassion, integrity, self-sacrifice, humility, honour. Marriage is about living together in a supportive, caring and nurturing way. Don’t even talk about love if you have not learned to do these things.

Joe: Another funeral! At our age it gets quite depressing…
Don: It does, and listening to all these silly tributes…
Joe: Sometimes the minister can’t even get the families names right!
Don: Darn embarrassing I say!
Joe: How many have you attended this year?
Don: I have lost count…maybe half a dozen?
Joe: Let’s hope this is the last one for a while…
Don: Absolutely!
Joe: By the way, what’s this dead chap’s name again?
Don: You mean you don’t know? Why It’s your funeral Joe…!!!

When the triangle is removed and the neatly arranged balls are scattered by the opening blow of the cue, well, it’s a bit like life! Everything is going smoothly, you have a sense of being in control and then all hell breaks loose when the pool cue of life breaks up the order with one mighty thrust.

Coloured balls roll rapidly across the table and settle in unforeseen and random positions. One little bugger may even roll straight into a handy pocket. The game has started and you are forced to deal with the chaos on the table.
You cannot ignore the balls, you have chosen to play the game…you have chosen life!

You take aim at a ball that hovers temptingly close to a pocket. It is the obvious way forward, first choose the life issue that appears to have the best chance of being resolved. Give it your full attention, ignore for the time being the other balls on the table.

When a crisis strikes it raises many issues not directly related to the crisis. Don’t try to connect the dots, that can be futile, even dangerous. Deal with one issue at a time, you cannot multitask in this game. Give it your full attention. Make space for the unknown, the unplanned…for random.

Approach each issue with an open mind, separate thoughts from feelings. Forget about expectations, assumptions and judgments. Try not to worry about the will of God. Trust yourself completely. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Play the game well!

It is probably true to say that the world has always had its share of religious charlatans. Those seemingly harmless people who claim to have special powers. They can convince God to heal, resurrect, bring rain, change climate, overthrow governments, save marriages, restore fertility, create wealth, ensure good fortune, etc.
My point is, are these “good folk” actually so harmless?
One such individual convinced a cancer patient to flush her medication down the toilet so that God could heal her.
Another claimed that anti-depressants are the agents of the devil and would exacerbate the condition.

The current popular trick is the lure thousands of people into giant stadia or large open spaces to pray for several days for rain to fall or for healing of the nation. Presently, the masses are praying for the removal of a president.
There is little doubt that the president is probably one of the most ignorant and corrupt leaders in the world!
The harm is in the manipulation, coercion, arrogance, mind games and false promises used in their “ministries”. These self-proclaimed prophets are usually self-taught with little or no formal theological training.
However, they leave no one in doubt as to their direct link with God!

What utter hypocrisy! These monsters play on the basic human need for security, stability, certainty and belonging.
They lead gullible people into a cull-de-sac of untruth, unreality and ultimately despair.
I think that they should be charged with misleading the people of the land.
In times of crisis people need wise, calm and courageous leaders who will enable them to find peaceful methods of bringing about appropriate change in the socio-political landscape.
There is no room for charlatans who promise that the halls of power will collapse and the drought will end if the people will pray hard and long enough. Shame on them!

Resurrection appears to be a word that is used only within the doctrine of the Christian faith. There is little use for this concept in everyday twenty-first century life. It is accepted that belief in the physical resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is, for believers, ultimate proof of Jesus’ divinity and of life after death.
Those of a secular or scientific world view regard the story as legend or religious myth.
If we choose to reject the historicity or reality of the event, it may be possible to find some meaning by using a metaphorical lens.

Death; in the sense of the death of a belief, concept, ideology, theory, philosophy, calculation, interpretation, understanding, can be the precursor to the birth of a new way of seeing the world. Eg. One scientific theory is replaced by a new, more refined formula.
Jesus, if his historical existence is accepted, was a human being, a Jewish man born and raised at Nazareth in Palestine. He would obviously have to die, in those days at a relatively early age and as a result of his confrontation with the religious and political authorities.
However, his teaching and way of life continues to inspire and provide hope for many in the world to this day.

Soothing, stirring, chilling
The Eagle Owl crouched on my roof
Utters his conspirational call to the dawn

I lie transported by the unearthly sound
No other calls dare to compete
He is king of all his eyes and ears detect
He is lord of the dawn

His watch is not yet over
The pure, soft velvet call to live another day
Allows me to sleep no more

I am sorry Allan, Lionel, John and Lynn that I could not stand by you when you crossed over
I was not even aware of the moment when you breathed your last
I did not stand by you

I have always wondered why I am not aware of another’s passing
I feel as if I should know when a dear friend slips away
I do not understand

I…that’s the trouble…it’s not about me at all
They had completed their journey
I do not need to understand!

We lift her to the skies
While water fills our eyes
We hold her in our hearts
While our very being smarts

We remember her with deepest joy
She did herself with such grace employ
We struggle to think of her as gone
She was always so very strong

We give thanks for her life so true
Her bravery and integrity so well we knew
We struggle to let her go
Her love and affection stirred us so

She sits blank faced before the therapist
A deep scar runs above her eye
Her father was a bigamist
Her step father beat her ’till she said “goodbye!”

Her confidence is shattered
Her self-esteem long gone
Another client who was battered
By a wretch who loved the wrong

She has a partner now
Who loves her good and true
But she needs him to step up and make the vow
Before she turns away driven by fear undue

Wake up in the morning…wonder where I am
Why was sleep so fleeting, such a blooming sham
Would I could go back to sleep
And count those blooming sheep

Wake up in the afternoon…wonder where I am
Why did I have to wake at all, such a blooming scam
Would I could go back to never-never land
And make my dreams expand