“He was a mate…and he would do everything to keep him alive. Because courage, survival, love  –  all these things didn’t live in one man. They lived in them all or they died and every man with them; they had come to believe that to abandon one man was to abandon themselves”

“For a moment (he) was bewildered as to where he was. Still not entirely sure, he laid the letter down next to his bed and went out into the rain. Thinking: The world is. It just is”

” …no one up there on the Line much believed in God anymore, it was hard to believe either in the devil. The Goanna (guard) just was, much as many wished he was not”

Richard Flanagan; The Narrow Road to the Deep North; Chatto & Windus; 2014

When the chips are down I believe in what is real, existential, tangible. Don’t spin me yarns about “saving grace”, miraculous rescue or God’s will! I believe in those who are present for me…I believe in you.

You know the story about the little boy who was frightened of the dark. His mother assured him that God was with him in the dark even if he couldn’t see Him. The boy replied, “but Mum I want a God with skin on!”

When things get tough, I just want to know that someone is alongside me urging me on. When the going gets tough, the tough need a tough mate to see them through!

The above quotes, from a great book that I am reading at present, sum up something of my current thinking.